Workshop on modular curves

Workshop on modular curves

17.12.2012 -  19.12.2012 | Warsaw



The goal of the workshop is to review basic geometric and representation-theoretic properties of modular curves which are fundamental to modern algebraic geometry and number theory. We will discuss geometry of modular curves and their local counterpart, Lubin-Tate spaces. We will describe the cohomology (Betti and l-adic) of modular curves and show how naturally a notion of an automorphic form arises in this setting. One of the main problems will be then to construct Galois representations associated to automorphic forms. This will lead to a complete description of cohomology groups and it will be a first step into the Langlands program.

For more details please, see the workshop's website.


Speakers of the Workshop will include: G. Banaszak, P. Chojecki, K. Górnisiewicz, J. Jelisiejew, A. Langer, B. Naskręcki, M. Ulas, M. Zydor.