Differential Geometry

Differential Geometry

03.06.2012 -  09.06.2012 | Będlewo



The conference is planned as the fifth in the series (previous conferences in the years: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008) of meetings organized in the framework of the BC activities by geometers from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and Technische Universität Berlin. Since the meeting of the group of researchers from Europe, Japan, China and USA in Oberwolfach in 1986 , they have organized and attended many conferences (in various places of the world) dealing with topics connecting Riemannian (or pseudo-Riemannian) geometry, affine differential geometry (leading the topic far beyond the classical affine differential geometry), PDEs and their geometric aspects. The former conferences essentially enlarged the cooperation between mathematicians representing the above fields as well as attracted young researchers. A detailed list (with references, information about non-published partial results) of open problems was formulated during each of the above mentioned conferences. This time we are going to formulate such a list as well.
A proposed list of topics of the planned meeting contains, in particular, the following:
- manifolds and PDEs (in particular Ricci solitons, geometric solution of the Monge-Ampère equations, solutions for certain types of PDEs via the geometric context in which they arise, nonlinear forth order PDEs which appear when studying curvature problems in affine hypersurface theory)
- affine submanifolds (after some stagnation there have appeared new important papers in the field, for instance two spectacular papers of Z. Hu, C. Lee, H. Li, L. Vrancken, namely complete classification of all Blaschke hypersurfaces with parallel (Levi-Civita) cubic form - in case locally strongly convex (J. Diff. Geom. to appear)- in case of Lorentz metrics (RM to appear),
- relations between submanifolds in the Riemannian and affine settings (parallel submanifolds in the sense of Hicks, Backlund related submanifolds etc.)
- statistical and Hessian manifolds in relation with affine differential geometry
- submanifolds of product spaces (submanifolds with extrinsic symmetry properties, submanifolds solving some variational problems etc.)
- affine geometry on abstract manifolds, in particular the theory of homogeneous affine connections, affine manifolds (in the sense of Auslander),
- Weyl geometries
- manifolds with special structures (Sasakian, Kaehler-Norden, contact etc.)
- curvature conditions (in particular, decomposition of curvature tensor)
- Lagrangian and CR submanifolds (in Riemannian and affine setting)
conditions in Riemannian and pseudo-Riemannian geometry)
- Lagrangian and CR submanifolds (metric and affine)


Those who plan to participate in the above conference are welcomed to register and submit an abstract of the talk or poster. In the line "title", please indicate whether you would like to have a talk or to present a poster.

Deadline for registration is April 30, 2012. Deadline for submitting titles and abstracts of proposed talks or posters is April 16, 2012.

The cost of the attendance in the conference is 250 EUR for non-Polish participants and 1000 PLN for Polish participants. The above cost includes: accommodation, meals, excursion, conference dinner and shuttle between Poznan and Bedlewo.

All participants will be accommodated at the Conference Center in Bedlewo. There are single and double rooms with bathrooms and shower available. The price for accompanying adults is the same as for conference's participants. If you want to come with children, please contact the office in Bedlewo: bedlewo@impan.pl. If you want your stay to be longer or shorter than 03-08 June, please contact the office in Bedlewo as well.

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