School of Gravitational Waves

School of Gravitational Waves

1 July 2013 -  5 July 2013 | Warsaw



The global network of the first generation large-scale gravitational-wave detectors has recently finished collecting data and the next generation of advanced detectors will start taking data in a few years time. The network involves detectors located in Europe (VIRGO, GEO600), USA (LIGO), and Japan (KAGRA). The collected data are being analyzed by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the VIRGO Collaboration and there are intensive preparations for the analysis of data from the advanced detectors. These preparations involve modeling of sources of gravitational radiation, development of data analysis methods and algorithms, development of computer codes and performing Monte Carlo simulations. The aim of the School is to provide the students sufficient information so that they shall be able to participate in the analysis of data from gravitational-wave detectors. The School will consist of around 20 one-hour lectures. There will be introductory lectures on general theory of relativity with emphasis on the theory of gravitational waves. These will be followed by lectures about astrophysical sources of gravitational radiation, including modeling populations of different types of such sources in our Universe. A substantial part of the School will be devoted to gravitational-wave data analysis. There will be a basic introduction to statistical theory of signal detection in noise and parameter estimation followed by applications of the theory to various types of gravitational-wave signals: impulses, chirps, amplitude and frequency modulated periodic signals and also stochastic signals. The lectures will be given by leading experts from the LIGO and VIRGO projects as well as leading researchers in the field of astrophysics of gravitational-wave sources from Poland and abroad.

The school is intended primarily for PhD students and Postdocs. The lectures will be given in English. The courses will be held in the morning and afternoon. The School is an accompanying event to the GR20 and Amaldi10 conferences that will be held in Warsaw the following week.

List of lecturers
Chris Belczynski
Tomasz Bulik
Piotr Jaranowski
Badri Krishnan
Benjamin Owen
Reinhard Prix
Patrick Sutton
John T. Whelan

- General Relativity and Gravitational Waves
- Sources of Gravitational Waves
- Population Synthesis of Compact Binaries
- Modeling of Gravitational Wave Signals
- Statistical Theory of Signal Detection
- Methods of Data Analysis

There will be no registration fee. Free lunches will be provided for participants of the School. A considerable number of grants will be available to cover accommodation in Warsaw.

Deadline for registration and accommodation application is 1st of May 2013.

School poster

2013 is the Year of Statistics
The school is co-financed by:
Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science