Perspectives of Modern Complex Analysis

List of talks

Tomasz Adamowicz Elliptic systems of PDEs in the plane
Abhijit Banerjee On the unique and bi-unique range sets for meromorphic functions
Carl Bender Nonlinear eigenvalue problems and PT-symmetric quantum mechanics
Michael Benedicks Parameter selection in one-dimensional maps revisited
Walter Bergweiler Entire functions in the Eremenko-Lyubich class which have bounded Fatou components (handout version)
Lev Birbrair Mumford theorem in Lipschitz geometry
Christoph Böhm A Komatu-Loewner equation for mutliple slits
Mario Bonk Quasisymmetric uniformization and rigidity
Carlos Cabrera On Poincaré extensions of rational maps
Igor Chyzhykov On the growth, zero distribution and factorization of analytic functions of moderate growth in the unit disc
Ewa Ciechanowicz Asymptotic values and asymptotic functions of entire and meromorphic functions
Arthur Danielyan Approximation by sequences of uniformly bounded polynomials
Andrea del Monaco Preimages of slits in C^n
Neil Dobbs Pointwise Lyapunov exponents in one-dimensional dynamics
Dzmitry Dudko Expanding Thurston maps and matings
Christophe Dupont Rigidity of Kummer and Lattès examples
Adam Epstein Deformation spaces of finite type maps
Abdolmajid Fattahi Banach frame in Banach space and stability
Sergii Favorov Blaschke-type condition in the unite disc and in unbounded domains, and their application in operator theory
Alexandre Fernandes Globally subanalytic constant mean curvature surfaces in R^3
Galina Filipuk On the Painleve equations and discrete Painleve equations
Tatiana Firsova Pseudoconvexity and the Lambda Lemma
Matthew Fleeman Extremal domains for self-commutators acting on the Bergman space
Paul Gauthier Universality in several complex variables
V. V. Hemasundar Gollakota
Families of compact Riemann surfaces
Walter Hayman Functions of locally bounded characteristic
Nickolas Hein Lower bounds in real Schubert Calculus
Xavier Jarque Wandering domains in Eremenko-Lyubich's class and Bishop's example
Wolf Jung Self-similarity of the Mandelbrot set
Agnieszka Kałamajska On one variant of interpolation inequality and its applications to the nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Stanisława Kanas Orthogonal polynomials and typically real functions related to generalized Koebe function
Thomas Kecker Local and global finite branching of solutions of ODEs in the complex plane
Dmitry Khavinson Boundary behaviour of universal Taylor series
Julia Koch Dieudonné’s Lemma for schlicht functions
Aleksis Koski Subharmonicity results for energy-minimal mappings
Janina Kotus Metric entropy and stochastic laws of invariant measures for elliptic functions
Jean-Jacques Loeb Local properties of planar harmonic maps
Alexander Logunov Several questions on normal families of harmonic functions
Mikhail Lyubich Dynamics of dissipative polynomial automorphisms of C^2
Svitlana Mayboroda Localization of eigenfunctions and associated free boundary problems
Sabyasachi Mukherjee On the topological differences between the Mandelbrot set and the tricorn
Shahar Nevo Differential polynomials and shared values
Dan Nicks Superattracting fixed points of quasiregular mappings
Dmitri Novikov Multiplicity operators and non-isolated Noetherian intersections
Jani Onninen Existence of 2D traction free minimal deformations
Fedor Pakovich On semiconjugate rational functions
Christopher Penrose Quasi-elementary correspondences
Katarzyna Pietruska-Pałuba Poincare inequality on nested fractals
Mary Rees Parapuzzles in the neighbourhood of a hyperbolic component
Lasse Rempe-Gillen Eremenko's conjecture and the Eremenko-Lyubich class (Verses)
Phil Rippon Escaping boundary points of Baker domains
Min Ru Quantitative geometric and arithmetic results for complement of divisors
Sebastian Schleißinger The chordal Loewner equation for slits
Nikita Selinger Classification of Thurston maps with parabolic orbifolds
Mikhail Sodin Zeroes of random and pseudo-random Taylor series
Frank Sottile Lower bounds for real solutions to systems of polynomials
Gwyneth Stallard Eremenko’s conjecture on the components of the escaping set
Norbert Steinmetz Sub-normal Solutions to Painleve IV
Vitaly Tarasov Lower bounds for numbers of real solutions in problems of Schubert calculus
Alexander Volberg Removable sets of Lipschitz  solutions of (fractional) Laplace equation $(-\Delta)^a u=0$
Katsutoshi Yamanoi Nevanlinna theory for holomorphic curves into algebraic varieties of maximal albanese dimension
Anna Zdunik Inducing schemes in holomorphic dynamics
Vasiliki Evdoridou Sufficient conditions for a point to be fast escaping
Khudoyor Mamayusupov Parabolic Newton maps and surgery
David Martí Pete Annular itineraries for C*
John Osborne Connectedness properties of the set where the iterates of an entire function are unbounded