Variable exponent theory and applications

Variable exponent theory and applications

26.10.2014 -  29.10.2014 | Warsaw



The goal of the meeting is to bring together specialists on variable exponent theory and its applications. Topics of presentations include:

1. Theory of variable exponent Sobolev and Hölder spaces in Rn and on Riemannian manifolds.

2. Maximal operator on Musielak-Orlicz spaces.

3. Hardy inequalities in variable exponent Lebesgue spaces.

4. The p(·)-Laplace equation and its generalizations.

5. Geometry of p(·)-harmonic functions: Harnack inequalities and boundary Harnack inequalities.

6. Multiplicity of solutions and existence of positive solutions for equations with nonstandard growth.

7. Parabolic problems with variable exponent growth.



The meeting is supported by:

Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center,

Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science - KNOW,

Grant of National Science Center, UMO-2013/D/ST1/03681.

We thank hosting and supporting institutions for their help.