Micro and Macro Systems in Life Sciences (MMSLS 2015)

Micro and Macro Systems in Life Sciences (MMSLS 2015)

08.06.2015 -  13.06.2015 | Będlewo


All important information such as: instruction how to register, deadlines, fees, travel and accommodation information can be found here: http://microandmacro.icm.edu.pl/frontpage

Conference Aims and Scopes


In the last years, systems both in micro and macro scale have become an increasingly more important tool in describing or at least capturing the essence of phenomena in Life Sciences and related natural sciences. The conference will address methods of mathematical modelling and analysis at microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic levels of various phenomena in these fields. Singular perturbation methods, stochastic differential equations, generalized kinetic equations, control theory and reaction-diffusion equations are the mathematical basis of modelling on the various scales. Specific applications to biological processes including disease initiation and progression such as tumour – immune system interaction, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and optimal control of diseases will be presented. The aim of all the presentations and scientific interactions is to make connections and catalyze new collaborations between Polish researchers and researchers from other countries as well as between junior and established experts in the field.