Simons Semester in Banach Center: "Dynamical Systems"

Antti Käenmäki: Dynamics of the scenery flow and conical density theorems

Antti Käenmäki (Jyväskylä University)

Dynamics of the scenery flow and conical density theorems


Conical density theorems are used in geometric measure theory to derive geometric information from given metric information. The idea is to examine how a measure is distributed in small balls. Finding conditions that guarantee the measure to be effectively spread out in different directions is a classical question going back to Besicovitch (1938) and Marstrand (1954). Classically, conical density theorems deal with the distribution of the Hausdorff measure.

The process of taking blow-ups of a measure around a point induces a natural dynamical system called the scenery flow. Relying on this dynamics makes it possible to apply ergodic-theoretical methods to understand the statistical behavior of tangent measures. This approach was initiated by Furstenberg (1970/2008) and greatly developed by Hochman (2010). The scenery flow is well-suited tool to address problems concerning conical densities. The cones in question do not change under magnifications and this allows to pass information between the original measure and its tangential structure.

In this course, we will see how the scenery flow can be applied to study conical densities.