50th Seminar “Sophus Lie”

50th Seminar “Sophus Lie”

25.09.2016 -  01.10.2016 | Będlewo


The official web site of the conference is http://50sls.impan.pl/

The Seminar ''Sophus Lie'' is an international seminar of mathematicians interested in the theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras and their applications. Its first meeting was in January 1991. This workshop will be the 50th workshop and it will take place 25 years after the first one. On this occasion, our intention is to use the opportunity to have both, a look back on results achieved, and on future developments in the field.

To be more specific, the goal of the workshop is to bring together leading experts working in currently particularly active areas of Lie theory, thus continuing with the main stream of activities of Seminar Sophus Lie. We also want to include promising students and young researchers, and to create an open learning environment for a fruitful exchange of ideas with the goal of creating new visions and collaborations between experts and students alike. Accordingly, we prefer not to concentrate only on the newest results in a narrow area, but rather include survey lectures and comparative study of various ideas and methods.

The main topics of the conference are:

  1. Representation theory
  2. Microlocal techniques and dynamical systems
  3. Deformations of algebraic and related geometric structures
  4. Lie systems: generalizations and applications