Applied Topology

Applied Topology

21.07.2013 -  27.07.2013  | Będlewo



In celebration of 65 birthday of Yuli Rudyak

The aim of the conference is to present various aspects of applied topology from classical to the recent research results. Among the main topics of the conference there are:

– theory of TC (robot motion planning) and its various modifications (as well as the Lusternik-Schnirelmann category);
– topology of configuration spaces (and applications, including applications to combinatorics);
– stochastic algebraic topology (random complexes, random manifolds, applications);
– Morse theory in the context of applications, discrete Morse theory;
– some elements of computational topology;
– applications of topology beyond mathematics, e.g. to magnetohydrodynamics, population biology, medicine, engineering and other sciences.

The cost of stay of a single person during the meeting (lodging and meals at the Conference Center in Bedlewo) from the afternoon of 21 till afternoon of 27 is 300 Euro. The conference social fee (banquet & excursion) is 40 Euro. A form of payment will be given later. The payment details will be givenin the first announcement.


The final program of the conference is already available here.


The registration to the conference is closed and right now we cannot accept any new participants. This may change in case of some cancellations. Please contact the Organizing Committee for details.


On Sunday, 21 July the following introductory lectures are going to take place in Bedlewo conference center:

14.15- 15.45 = 2:15 - 3:45 pm -- Rafal Komendarczyk "Knots and links in flows and fluids"

16.15-17.45 = 4:15 - 5:45 pm -- Pavle Blagojevic, "Using equivariant topology methods in combinatorial geometry"

20.00- 21.30 = 8:00 - 9:30 pm -- Lisbeth Fajstrup "Concurrency and directed topology. Problems and methods".

The lectures are obligatory for all graduate students attending the conference and highly recommended for  the all  younger participants.

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Some informations about Poznan can be found here and here.

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