Vector Distributions and Related Geometries

Vector Distributions and Related Geometries

1 June -  7 June, 2014 | Warsaw


Registration starts on Monday, 2 June, at 8.45 a.m. at the lecture room 403 (Banach Center, Śniadeckich 8, IV floor).

Vector distributions are classical differential geometric objects which in recent years appear naturally in various areas of mathematics. They are present in such subjects as: geometry of nonholonomic mechanical systems, geometric control theory, sub-Riemannian structures, theory of Carnot groups, structural theory of simple Lie algebras, parabolic and related geometries, such as CR geometry, geometries associated with systems of differential equations, and even in the representation theory.


Main topics include:

Geometry and invariants of distributions;

Parabolic geometries and symmetries;

Control systems and non-holonomic constraints;

Sub-Riemannian problems.


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