Noncommutative geometry the next generation

Noncommutative geometry the next generation

01.09.2016 -  30.11.2016 | Warsaw


Our Simons Semester splits into two parts: training and research. The training part consists of a two-week-long Master Class and a month-long Special Courses Session. The research part consists of four state-of-the-art week-long conferences and a two-week-long period for research groups. (See "Programme" for details.)

Funding is available for longer stays for Senior Professors, Junior Professors, Postdocs and PhD Students. Application deadline is 26 June 2016.

1. PhD Students have a possibility to apply for the Master Class (two weeks), or the Special Courses Session (4 weeks), or both (6 weeks), and have their visits fully covered. All PhD Students working within Noncommutative Geometry are strongly encouraged to apply.

2. Postdocs can apply to have their expenses covered for any period of time.

3. Simons Junior Professorship 4000 USD per month.

4. Simons Senior Professorship 6000 USD per month.


To apply for the Simons Semester "Non-commutative geometry the new generation", all candidates must send the statement of their proposed period of attendance and their CV to the following e-mail address:


Simons Semester.