Analytic, Algebraic and Geometric Aspects of Differential Equations

Analytic, Algebraic and Geometric Aspects of Differential Equations

06.09.2015 -  19.09.2015 | Będlewo


The school and conference will take place at the Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo.

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The theory of differential equations has many aspects (e.g., analytic, algebraic, geometric), methods and topics. A lot of interesting examples of equations is provided by the theory of integrable systems. Representation theory and the theory of integral transformations are closely intertwined in the theory of special functions. It is shown recently that the representation theory appears in the study of integral transformations of Fuchsian systems. The study of singularities of the equations and the behavior of solutions (both formal and analytic) near such points is very important. Most of the theories mentioned above have a long and remarkable history and they attract a lot of attention nowadays. Recently also the theory of differential-difference equations became very popular.

The overall goal of the school and conference is to bring together the leading experts in the theory of differential and difference equations in the complex domain from different countries, to tackle and find approaches to the open problems mentioned below, exchange recent research results, learn new methods in the related areas (which is invaluable especially for younger researchers) and identify new topics for future research. The meeting is also expected to promote existing and start new collaboration between colleagues in different countries.



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Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science