Probabilistic Aspects of Harmonic Analysis


Please, be aware of small changes in the plan.

The programme.

The calendar.

The abstracts.

The arrival day: Saturday, 26 April 2014.

The departure day: Saturday, 3 May 2014.

No talks are planned for the arrival and departure days.

The conference starts on Sunday morning, 27 April 2014, by a special young reaserchers session.


Plenary talks (40 min):

Elie Aidekon, "Convergence in law for the minimum of a branching random walk"

Gerold Alsmeyer, "The stationary tail index of contractive iterated function systems"

Jean-Philippe Anker, "The Hardy space H1 in the rational Dunkl setting"

Christian Berg, "Asymptotic behavior of a convolution semigroup of Urbanik"

Krzysztof Bogdan, "Martin kernel for fractional Laplacian in narrow cones"

Sara Brofferio, "On unbounded invariant measures of stochastic dynamical systems"

Michael Cowling, "The spectrum of the Laplacian on a fourdimensionalLie group"

Jacek Dziubański, "The Hardy space H1 in the rational Dunkl setting"

Rudolf Gruebel, "Combinatorial Markov chains: a potential-theoretic approach"

Tomasz Grzywny, "Dirichlet heat kernel for unimodal Lévy processes"

Alexander Iksanov, "Limit theorems for random processes with immigration at the epochs of a renewal process"

Vadim Kaimanovich, "Boundary preserving transformations of random walks"

Rafał Latała, "Two-sided bounds for L_p-norms of combinations of products of independent random variables"

Diogo Oliveira e Silva, "Some sharp restriction inequalities"

Alexander Roitershtein, "Maximum occupation time of a transient excited random walk on Z"

Tim Steger, "Littlewood-Paley Theory for A2-buildings"

Sundaram Thangavelu, "On Hermite pseudo-multipliers"

Christoph Thiele, "The Hilbert transform along vector fields"

Bartosz Trojan, "Discrete maximal functions in higher dimensions"

Jim Wright, "A variant on affine-invariant harmonic analysis"


Talks (30 min):

Nils Byrial Andersen, "Revising Roe's theorem"

Dragu Atanasiu, "De Finetti-type results and discrete harmonic analysis"

Ingrid Beltita, "Weyl-Pedersen calculus for nilpotent Lie groups"

Tomasz Byczkowski, "Hitting times of Bessel processes"

Jeffrey  Collamore, "Large deviation estimates for exceedance times of perpetuity sequences"

Gian Maria Dall'Ara, "Discreteness of the spectrum of Schrödinger operators with non-negative matrix-valued potentials"

Rahul Garg, "The lattice point counting problem on the Heisenberg groups"

Piotr Graczyk, "Quadratic maps in statistics"

Wissem Jedidi, "Poisson Shot Noise Lévy Model and Limit Theorems for Significant Functionals"

Vjekoslav Kovac, "Quantitative norm convergence of some ergodic averages"

Yuriy Kryakin, "Special moduli of continuity and the constant in the Jackson-Stechkin theorem"

Gabriella Kuhn, "Tempered Representations of the Free Group: Monotony, Duplicity, Oddity"

Tadeusz Kulczycki, "Gradient estimates of harmonic functions and transition densities for Lévy processes"

Alessio Martini, "Spectral multipliers on 2-step groups: recent progress"

Alexander Marynych, "On perpetuities arising in population genetics"

Sebastian Mentemeier, "Precise large deviation results for products of random matrices"

Piotr Nayar, "S-inequality for a certain product measures"

Adam Nowak, "Potential operators associated with various orthogonal expansions"

Mihai Pascu, "On the characterization of Gelfand-Shilov-Roumieu spaces"

Richard Penney, "Poisson kernels on nilpotent, 3-meta-abelian groups"

Detlev Poguntke, "Topology on the unitary dual of exponential Lie groups – the case ofcomplete solvability"

Margit Rösler, "Limit transition for hypergeometric functions associated with root systems"

Suparna Sen, "Roe-Strichartz Theorem on a class of two-step nilpotent Lie groups"

Mohamed Sifi, "Gaussian estimate for inhomogeneous random walk on the positive quadrant"

Ryokichi Tanaka, "Limit theorems on nilpotent groups, global law of large numbers and large deviations"

Michael Voit, "Central limit theorems for random walks associated with Grassmann manifolds"


Young session (20 min):

Sayan Bagchi, "Weighted norm inequalities for Weyl multipliers and some applications"

Krystian Bekała, "Estimates for semigroups of measures on the Heisenberg group"

Kamil Bogus, "Sharp estimates of transition probability density for Bessel process in half-line"

Pradeep Boggarapu, "Mixed Norm Estimates for the Riesz Transforms Associated to Dunkl Harmonic Oscillators"

Fabian Buckmann, "Fluctuation Theory of Markov-Random-Walks"

Wojciech Cygan, "Heat kernel asymptotic for subordinated random walk"

Piotr Dyszewski, "Perpetuities with slowly varying tails"

Behrang Forghani, "Poisson boundary and Random walks"

Shaoming Guo, "Hilbert transform along measurable vector fields constant on Lipschitz curves"

Senthil Raani Kalirathnam Srinivasagam, "Lp-integrability of Fourier transform of distributions supported on thin sets"

Grzegorz Kępa, "Inversions in the flag kernels algebra. The Heisenberg group case"

Bartosz Langowski, "Sobolev spaces associated with
Jacobi expansions"

Grzegorz Serafin "The Dirichlet problem on hyperbolic space"

Karol Szczypkowski, "Perturbations of generators of Levy processes"

Kristina Ana Škreb, "On one generalization of the martingale transform and itsapplications to paraproducts and stochastic integrals"

Tomasz Z. Szarek "Harmonic analysis operators in certain Dunkl setting"

Grzegorz Świderski, "Spectral properties of a class of unbounded Jacobi matrices"

Błażej Wróbel, "Dimension free L^p estimates for Riesz transforms via an H^\infty joint functional calculus"

Yuwei Zhao, "A Fourier Analysis of Extremal Events"

Zeineb Ghardalou, "Solution to a semilinear elliptic problem in a Greenian domain"


Baby talks:

Elie Aidekon, TBA

Gerold Alsmeyer, "Quicksort: a paradigm for the analysis of random recursive structures with branching"

Jean-Philippe Anker, "From restriction theorems to Strichartz inequalities"

Michael Cowling, "Free groups in linear groups"