Ergodic methods in dynamics


Jon Aaronson IP-rigidity and eigenvalue groups
Kari Astala Thermodynamical formalism, holomorphic motions and related multifractal spectra
Anna Miriam Benini Rigidity for non-recurrent parameters in the exponential family
Andrzej Biś An analogue of the Variational Principle for group actions
Jozef Bobok The topological entropy of Banach spaces
Manfred Denker On the central limit theorem in dynamical systems II
Robert Devaney Mandelpinski necklaces: Structures in the parameter plane for singularly perturbed rational maps
Lorenzo J. Díaz Robust vanishing of all central Lyapunov exponents
Matúš Dirbák Extensions of flows by continuous cocycles
Tomasz Downarowicz Chaos in ergodic systems
Christophe Dupont On Levi-flat hypersurfaces in surfaces of general type
Núria Fagella Connectivity of Julia sets of meromorphic maps with Baker domains
Krzysztof Frączek Ergodic properties of translation flows on Z-periodic translation surfaces
Katrin Gelfert Thermodynamic formalism in non-hyperbolic dynamics
Jacek Graczyk Metric properties of mean wiggly continua
Eugene Gutkin Billiard caustics, floating in equilibrium, and the isoperimetric inequality
Yonatan Gutman Topological dynamical embedding and Jaworski-type theorems
Irene Inoquio Hausdorff measure of the invariant set of a deterministic random walk
Xavier Jarque On the existence of absorbing domains and Baker domains
Antti Käenmäki Local conical dimensions for measures
Henna Lotta Loviisa Koivusalo Hausdorff dimension of affine random covering sets on torus
Marcin Kulczycki On the interplay between ASP and AASP in noncompact case
Dominik Kwietniak Properties of systems with the generalized shadowing or specification property
Mariusz Tomasz Lemańczyk Reversibility and self-similarity of flows
Genadi Miron Levin Polynomial dynamics and external rays
Bing Li Hitting probabilities of the random covering sets
Lingmin Liao Set of numbers uniformly well-approximated in the sense of Dirichlet
Cristina Lizana Araneda Robust transitivity for endomorphisms
Grzegorz Łukaszewicz Invariant measures for dissipative systems and generalised Banach limits
Anthony Manning A map of the tetrahedron that describes the sequence of pedal triangles
Wacław Marzantowicz Some topological tools in dynamical systems
Eugen Mihailescu Ergodic and metric properties for smooth systems with overlaps
Michał Misiurewicz Random interval homeomorphisms
Viêt Anh Nguyên Exponential estimates for plurisubharmonic functions and stochastic dynamics
Daniel Nicks Iteration of quasiregular tangent functions in three dimensions
Magdalena Nowak Topological classification of countable IFS-attractors.
Tomasz Nowicki Error diffusion on simplices:  invariant regions, tessellations and acuteness
Piotr Oprocha Inverse limits of maps on topological graphs and hereditarily indecomposable continua
John Osborne Spiders' webs and locally connected Julia sets of transcendental entire functions
Maria José Pacifico A toy model for flows with equilibria attached to regular orbits
Liviana Palmisano A phase transition for circle maps and Cherry flows
Christopher Shaun Penrose Physical measures for non-autonomous Blaschke products
Tomas Persson On the Diophantine properties of \lambda-expansions
Carsten Lunde Petersen Resurgence of receding limbs
Mark Pollicott Dynamical zeta function
Peter Raith Hausdorff dimension of invariant subsets of small dimensional dynamical systems
Michał Rams Local dimension spectrum for parabolic maps
Henry William Joseph Reeve Multifractal analysis in non-conformal dynamics
Phil Rippon On a conjecture of Baker and a conjecture of Eremenko II
Tuomas Sahlsten Local entropy averages and the fine structure of measures
Tony Samuel Spectral metric spaces for Gibbs measures
Omri Sarig Bernoulli property for equilibrium measures of surface diffeomorphisms
Jörg Schmeling Multifractal analysis of multiple mixing level sets – first results, problems and questions
Daniel Schnellmann On the Whitney-Holder regularity of the SRB measure in the quadratic family
Karoly Simon Projections of fractal percolation
Daniel Smania Renormalization operator for multimodal maps
Gwyneth Stallard On a conjecture of Baker and a conjecture of Eremenko I
Bernd Otto Stratmann Extreme Value Laws for maximal cuspidal windings
Jean-Marie Strelcyn On Chouikha's isochronicity criterion
Grzegorz Michał Świrszcz Disjunctive cuts, lattice-free sets and mixed-integer programming
Jean-Paul Thouvenot On positive entropy transformations
Maciej Wojtkowski Riccati equations in R^n
Yiwei Zhang On the mixing properties of piecewise expanding maps under composition with permutations
Michel Zinsmeister Hausdorff dimension of the Julia sets of some real polynomials
Henryk Żołądek Linear meromorphic differential equations and multiple zeta values