Simons Semester in Banach Center: "Dynamical Systems"



François Berteloot & Fabrizio Bianchi (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

Lyapunov exponents and stability in projective holomorphic dynamics, pdf

Davoud Cheraghi (Imperial College London)

Rigidity, near parabolic renormalization, and indifferent fixed points in complex dynamics

Lecture 1, Lecture 2

Antti Käenmäki (Jyväskylä University)

Dynamics of the scenery flow and conical density theorems, pdf, Exercises

Mark Pollicott (University of Warwick)

Ergodic theory of hyperbolic flows, www

Károly Simon (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Dimension Theory of self-affine and almost self-affine sets and measures: Lecture 1 (pdf(1), pdf(2)), Complementary talk by Balázs Bárány pdf

Mandelbrot perlocations: pdf(A), pdf(B)

TALKS (workshop Analysis and holomorphic dynamics)

Nuria Fagella (Universitat de Barcelona)

Escaping points in the boundary of Baker domains, pdf of presentation

Oleg Ivrii (University of Helsinki)

Quasicircles of dimension 1+k^2 do not exist, pdf of presentation

Istvan Prause (University of Helsinki)

Holomorphic interpolation: from dynamics to analysis, pdf of presentation


TALKS (conference Fractal Geometry and Dynamics)

Jacques Lévy Véhel (Regularity Team, INRIA)

Multistable and self-stabilizing processes, pdf of presentation

Yiwei Zhang (IMPAN)

Ergodic optimization and prevalence, pdf of presentation